Nurse Consulting
Nurse Consulting 2

At Nurses For Day Care, LLC, our experienced Child Care Health Consultants will help you get it all under control--Fast!*

All of the federal and state regulations.

All of the health and safety requirements.

All of the necessary record-keeping.

On-site consultations with staff and parents, along with medication review and health & safety rounds, will help develop a care plan to keep children healthy and safe. We can also provide Certified Playground Inspectors for NAEYC Accreditation.


If a child with special medical needs is introduced, your Nurse Consultant will be available for in-service training and care management. If necessary, phone support is always available.*

Let us help. Call us now and we’ll walk you through everything--from obtaining a license to establishing policies & procedures and proper record-keeping and reporting methods. Our experience can help you save in start-up expenses and ease the learning curve.*

Nurse Consultant

Opening up a Day Care Center but not sure where to begin?

*We know you’re busy.

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